About us

Agency 'SULEIMEN promotions' today is one of the most dynamically developing agencies of this kind in Kazakhstan. Despite our young age, we have successes and achievements that we can rightly be proud of.

Our main goal is to support and promote talented athletes from the boxing world and MMA. Every success is the achievement of our entire team.

The promotion agency 'SULEIMEN promotions' was founded in the autumn of 2018. Initially, the idea of its creation belongs to a talented young man, businessman Suleimen Akdrashev. However, the sudden untimely departure did not allow him to complete this project. Nevertheless, the case founded by this progressive young man to get support among his relatives and friends, which allowed the opening of the Agency to take place.

The offices of the agency “SULEIMEN promotions” are located in USA and Republic of Kazakhstan.


General Director: Nurshin Tanat

Adress: 060007 Kazakhstan Atyrau, st.Kanseva 7,

Phone: +7(747) 388-48-37


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